This Week In Screenshots 8/13


Kluwes A'llond 08_07_2016 20_36_33_1.jpg
Everyone Wants a Yo-Kai
Kluwes A'llond 08_07_2016 20_49_25_1.jpg
Waiting for FATES to spawn
Kluwes A'llond 08_07_2016 22_57_16.jpg
Go Go Posing Rangers



No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky_20160809004932.jpg
Just Starting Out

No Man's Sky_20160809005123.jpg

No Man's Sky_20160809010618.jpg
Not a lick of Water on this planet but this thing has fins anyways

No Man's Sky_20160810000913.jpg

No Man's Sky_20160810002108.jpg
Almost stuck here



Defeated the third boss
On to the fourth!

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