Hello, hi, and welcome to I’m Not Squishy! This blog will chronicle my adventures through my backlog and serve as a platform to write about my unyielding love for MMOs,RPGs, and video games of every flavor.

And You Are?…

I’m Kluwes, player of games and writer of blogs. My first MMO was Runescape circa 2005, my first MMO love was Guild Wars, and my latest MMO love is Guild Wars 2, naturally. Though, I dabble in a bit of everything these days. like playing Co-op games with my friends and usually have one single player game in my rotation.

When I’m not gaming/ writing, I’m reading, adventuring with my other half, and sometimes when the mood strikes me I’ll go boxing.

What You’ll See Here:

  • What I’m currently up to in my MMOs
  • I thought it was a good idea to go through my steam backlog and write about that….send help, so many games
  • I’ve been known to write a book review or two
  • I’m sure there’ll be other stuff too